An ode to the ‘Grey Nomad’

Your hair has turned, your bones are weak, but your Aussie adventure still beckons; you’ve packed up your home and your Jayco was a steal, or so your husband reckons.

You’re in no hurry and we can clearly tell, and we’re praying you’ll pull over; and sometimes we’re lucky and you’ll wave us past, but usually we have to hover.

We stop for lunch at a well known spot and the vans are in disarray; the two-way is a flurry with pointless chatter and the iPads snap away.

We hop out of the ute and make some sangas and we worry if it’s just us; ‘coz all the vans begin to scatter as if everyone’s in a rush.

You head for the dump point and empty your loo before hosing your turds like a champ; then off you scurry back to your car, because it’s midday and you must find a camp.

Now many hours later it’s our time to go and WikiCamps guides our stop; but the peace we were promised is but a lie, because instead, it’s a caravan parking lot.

We squeeze into a spot, get the fire going, and watch as the sun goes down; we search for companionship around the fire, but of course there’s no one around.

Your generator’s buzzing and your lights are off, but your evening is far from done; for we notice the glow of the TV set! Of course! Home and Away is on.

In the morning I pass you on the way to the loo and you smile, but that’s where it ends; you probably assume we’re filthy backpackers but we promise we want to be friends.

We know you’ve worked your entire life and now it’s time for you; but there’s singles and couples and families right by you who are living their dream too.

Now don’t get us wrong, we’ve met some incredible oldies on our journey across this land; all with wisdom beyond our years, all willing to lend a hand.

This is simply an ode to our grey-haired friends and your silly habits too; for without you many places wouldn’t survive, and for that we thank you.

So next time you pull up and see some youngans kicking back and having a beer; come on over and pull up chair – we’re happy to lend an ear.

Here’s a final request for our grey nomads, one question from me to you; who does the best seniors discount? One day we’ll be grey nomads too.


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A lover of the written word.

Journalist by trade, writer by hobby. Writing fuels my soul and I promised myself I’d string words together more often, so here I am.

A collection of pieces that describe the inner workings of my mind.

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  1. have just read this piece of literary genius ,and have to agree whole heartedly .We don’t fit the Grey Nomad image and like to think of ourselves as grey adventurers We find it not very often that you meet them at the loo as most are all self sufficient in there Taj Mahals .


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