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A lover of the written word.

Journalist by trade, writer by hobby. Writing fuels my soul and I promised myself I’d string words together more often, so here I am.

A collection of pieces that describe the inner workings of my mind.

An ode to the ‘Grey Nomad’

Your hair has turned, your bones are weak, but your Aussie adventure still beckons; you’ve packed up your home and your Jayco was a steal, or so your husband reckons. You’re in no hurry and we can clearly tell, and we’re praying you’ll pull over; and sometimes we’re lucky and you’ll wave us past, but…

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The magnificent Kimberley

Close your eyes. Think of a place you’ve visited where you’ve felt extremely at ease, like the atmosphere beckoned you to this very corner of the planet, and you obliged willingly. Now imagine the wind blowing softly through you, and the soil beneath you pulling your spine straight up and down, like this magnificent place…

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A day in the life of a nomad

It’s easy for us to show you the highlights – the stunning landscapes and quirky things we’ve discovered on our journey, but while we continue to experience the wonder, we must remind you that with magic, comes the mundane. We still do the dishes, we still do the laundry, we still clean up our ‘home’…

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Is it time?

It’s Wednesday, 33 degrees and the flies are rampant. I’m nestled cross-legged on our picnic mat, the dogs two metres away snuggling around Ben as he reads atop our swags. Oak has managed to occupy himself with a couple of chew toys while Sam tries his best to snooze uninterrupted. The air is hot but…

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Fancy a Quokka selfie?

We are now in 2019 in the deep depths of the digital age. Inspirations – particularly travel inspirations – no longer come from childhood dreams or something you saw on Getaway one Friday night… Now, it’s Instagram. We’ve found the social media platform to be extremely helpful in finding our next destinations and through all…

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Wine + Dogs = Yes.

Many would argue there’s nothing better than a day being driven from winery to winery, prancing among the grape vineyards and sampling some of the country’s finest drops straight from the cellar door… but what if I told you that here in Margaret River in Western Australia’s south, there’s an experience offering all of that,…

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G’day WA

Your first time visiting Western Australia? Ours too. Tips for traveling (kindly). After the famous stretch of nothing (The Nullarbor), we weren’t quite sure what to expect of the great western state – a land more foreign to us than say Bali or New Zealand… This is a place nearly 3,000 kilometres from home. This…

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