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A lover of the written word.

Journalist by trade, writer by hobby. Writing fuels my soul and I promised myself I’d string words together more often, so here I am.

A collection of pieces that describe the inner workings of my mind.

Tour de Red Centre

When you here the term ‘red centre’ what enters your mind first? Is it the obvious – the huge natural wonder of arguably our most famous landmark, Uluru (more commonly known as Ayers Rock)? Or is your vision blurred – do you see red sand or a desert land which feels far more foreign than…

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Climb V View: Our Second Month

TWO MONTHS ON THE ROAD and I suppose you’re probably expecting a concise wrap-up of our journey. A list of where we went, how much we spent, the dos and don’ts… Only this time we’re going to do things a little differently – a little uncomfortably. Often, we are blinded by the pretty pictures and…

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Let’s get high

Another week on the road, another week packed with incredible experiences hidden within the walls of our great southern home. From the cool, salty air that danced across our sun-kissed skin on the NSW coast, to clear, crisp and unforgiving mountain air that dances into your lungs and fills you with life… We’re now in…

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