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A lover of the written word.

Journalist by trade, writer by hobby. Writing fuels my soul and I promised myself I’d string words together more often, so here I am.

A collection of pieces that describe the inner workings of my mind.

Teaches of beaches

It’s been nearly a week since our last entry so we better get a wriggle on! Over two weeks now! It feels like an eternity since we left, but when you consider all of the places we’ve been and the things we’ve done, it might as well be a bat of an eyelid, rather than…

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The humble caravan park

When I think of caravan parks… I think of trailer trash.. of Joe Dirt and the Southside Trailer Park at Riverdale.. But the reality is, in New South Wales so far, they’re nicer than most of your average hotels – even without the mini bar! The poo paper is softer, the facilities are cleaner and…

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