Who are we?


FAB3E1EA-50AC-4BCB-AB32-FC0A9C3440B5A truck mechanic come tradesman. A journalist come PR professional. A Landcruiser. A blue heeler. A huge risk. A huge reward.

We’ve put our careers on hold to grab this wild adventure with two hands (and paws) and we’re keen to share it all with you as we travel around our fabulous country – Australia 🇦🇺🙌🏼

Most people our age already own their own home and have started a family. We chose adventure instead, and we want to show you how to buck the trend and step away from your comfort zone – no matter how scary or unconventional.

We’re here to show you what’s involved with travelling around Aus, and give you our first-hand tips on where to go and what to take, as well as offering a realistic picture of life on the road so you can plan your own journey.

This is something we’ve always dreamed of, and with no kids, no mortgage and at least one year of our twenties left ahead of us, is there really a better time for two not-so-grey nomads to hit the road?

A huge thanks to our families and friends for your support and your storage space. We wouldn’t have the courage to pack up and head off without you.

Ben and Em 🤘🏼


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