Teaches of beaches

Murrays Beach, Jervis Bay 

It’s been nearly a week since our last entry so we better get a wriggle on!

Over two weeks now! It feels like an eternity since we left, but when you consider all of the places we’ve been and the things we’ve done, it might as well be a bat of an eyelid, rather than several days spent living out of our black beast on this windy road around Aus.

It’s hard to know what to talk about to keep myself interested let alone you guys, and I wish I could press my fingers to my temples, close my eyes and transport all of the sights and experiences to the computer screen so you could see it without me attempting to scribe the colours and smells and feelings against the skin – but alas, the Voldemort/ Harry connection is not reality, so I’ll do my best with what we’ve got.

Lighthouse Beach, Port Macquarie

Today it’s all about my eyes being wide open – far away from Queensland soil, from surf lifesavers and terrible tan lines and queues to the showers and toilets or sweltering hot summers and dismal winters. This is a world away from the comfort of the maroon jersey and the NQ twang… This is the southern east coast of Australia and by golly, it’s tremendous.


Over the past few days we’ve visited numerous coastal areas stretching from Nambucca Heads through to Jervis Bay – not forgetting Port Macquarie, Wollongong, Kiama, and did I mention Jervis Bay?

Turquoise blue water and crystal white sand at every turn – and I only thought this only existed at Whitehaven Beach?!?! I am sincerely mistaken.

These areas are absolutely pristine and rife with wildlife and sheer serenity and I know I am a North Queenslander and therefore our beaches are best, no questions asked… but deary me, I have been living a goddamn lie and I am going to come out and say it… The Gold Coast – our most celebrated coastal strip second only to places like Cairns or Airlie Beach where the Great Barrier Reef is right on the doorstep – has nothing on the beaches down here.

Green Patch Campground, Jervis Bay 

Yes, strike me with the maroon-covered canetoad-filled paddle all you like – but I am being absolutely sincere and I implore any humble Queenslander like myself, to take a step out and explore all our incredible east coast has to offer.

Jervis Bay delivered us the clearest water we have ever stepped foot in. It’s nestled deep in the Booderee National Park which is actually territory of the ACT. We were lucky enough to snag a spot at the ever-popular Green Patch campground which requires a lottery selection at peak times like Easter and we could have stayed forever.


There is something about relatively untouched nature that stirs the soul in a warm and tingly way, and that’s how we felt every step we took during our time in the area.

Not to forget all of the other stellar spots that have truly opened my eyes to the fabulous NSW coast – of which I feel embarrassed to have had no prior knowledge of – and while they all talk about Byron Bay as being pinnacle coastal serenity in our own neck of the woods… I’m unashamed to say Byron is only the beginning.

Wollongong, NSW

Also not to mention the general welcomed nature NSW has towards our four-legged friends. Often in QLD I feel like our floofers are forced to enjoy only a small section of the outdoors – but down here, every beach outside of the National Parks has a dog section and there are poo bags and water bowls at every turn – bush, beach or suburban park..

While I never intended this blog to end up a sales pitch for NSW tourism, here it is. I am beyond grateful to have so far experienced the little pieces of the east coast that we have, and I certainly don’t feel like QLD can claim the best beaches anymore…

Kiama, NSW

(CONTROVERSIAL!) Did I mention many of these beaches are lined with rocky caves, pure green pastures and natural bushland that’s so lush and full of flora and fauna that any yank tourist would squeal for?! Seeing rich, green hills dotted with dairy cows overlooking the bright blue water is an extra-special sight. Try Bega or Narooma or anywhere south of Jervis Bay for that matter…

Now get in that car and start exploring our great coast! It ain’t hard or far away!

Hole in the Wall, Jervis Bay


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